July 3 – 16The Figure in WaterIt is said that we are mostly water. Perhaps that is why these artists place humans in water as a fundamental aspect of their aesthetic. Or perhaps it is the reflections and the way light interacts with the water as it hits bodies. The effect is captivating and sensuous.Sharon Arnold  Jessica Ives  Karin Rosenthal  Michael Seif  Rob Sullivan Petra Class: Precious Blue,
Kind of Blue, and Mood Indigo
One of my favorite jewelers who has had a decades-long career of honing her technique and aesthetic. She “paints” with gemstones, and in this collection, predominantly the blues of lapis lazuli, opal and sapphire. She loves rhythmical arrangements of several elements and repetition of similar forms or colors, set in high-karat gold with a minimalist’s touch. 3-D Printed ObjectsThe complexity of objects created by 3-dimensional printers is astonishing. Many are mathematic equations made flesh, others are merely captivating and seemingly impossible. It’s a brave new world...jump in. Upcoming Shows
  • July 17 — July 30
  • Manimal: Human/Animal Morphing
  • Hughes-Bosca Extravaganza
  • July 31 — August 13
  • Sam Shaw: Co-joined and Transmogrified
  • Chain Gang
  • August 14 — September 10
  • The Figure Abstracted
  • Nelson Rarities Estate Jewelry (August 14, 15 and 16 ONLY)
  • September 11 — October 15
  • The Figure Straight Up

www.shawjewelry.comfor full exhibition details and opening receptions

      clockwise from top right Petra Class; Sharon Arnold; Rob Sullivan; Jessica Ives; 3-D Printed Objects  inset Petra Class   bottom Petra Class; Karin Rosenthal; Michael Seif
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