July 31 – August 13Sam Shaw: Co-joined and TransmogrifiedThis is the third year of Sam’s exploration of rearranging our familiar body parts into beings not quite right. Most have the requisite arms and legs, but many seem to have a few extra parts, or parts in the wrong place. Fabricated from porcelain dolls, where the original intention of the doll makers walks over to the wild side. Chain GangMostly linked necklaces and bracelets, but an eye-popping variety of materials and ideas of sequential links. This gang of artists makes sensuous, flexible jewelry that drapes and flows.Kate Furman  Julia Lowther  Catharine Merkel
Monique Rancourt  Biba Schutz
Upcoming Shows
  • August 14 — September 10
  • The Figure Abstracted
  • Nelson Rarities Estate Jewelry (August 14, 15 and 16 ONLY)
  • September 11 — October 15
  • The Figure Straight Up

www.shawjewelry.comfor full exhibition details and opening receptions

      clockwise from top right CathArine Merkel; Sam Shaw; Sam Shaw; Kate Furman  inset Biba Schutz bottom Julia Lowther; Monique Rancourt
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