Each summer we present up to fifteen exhibitions including new work by established and emerging jewelry artists working in materials from precious to alternative. You may also find: estate jewelry, modernist painters, Inuit sculpture, abstracted landscapes, tiaras, marine-inspired pieces, jewelry of the maharajahs, regional artists, Tahitian pearls, kinetic jewelry, figurative drawing, big precocious jewelry, rings made with rusted iron and diamonds. Come explore our gallery.

arthur thompson catalog
maine painting 1950-1959

Summer 2016
view largerJune 16–July 6
J. Aaron Mitchell: Friends and Idols Things can get a bit weird, and the truth may be revealed in a way that makes all the wrong kind of sense. Personalities are exposed; inner selves are brought to the surface. JAM paints portraits on a variety of surfaces. Maybe you… shaw jewelry summer shows view larger July 21–August 3
Henry Isaacs: Color Unleashed These color centric canvases are splendid patchworks of boldly applied oil paint rendering the Maine landscape into broken pieces of color. The eye stitches them together in a way that evokes more of a sense of mood and weather than recognizable scenes. No matter what the size of the canvas, his palate takes the viewer outside into soaring spaces. He paints on Islesford and Portland, Maine, and has worked worldwide. Jeff and Susan Wise: Dynamic and Bold Jewelry A multi talented, Colorado based couple who work in tandem to fabricate mechanically challenging and sculpturally intriguing jewelry. They cut all their gemstones to seamlessly integrate into colorful, textured, voluminous work. Their work is exciting, sensual and often kinetic. Come meet the artists. Chris French: Paintings of Solitude and Place His paintings of figures in the landscape are evocative of personal reflection clairvoyance. Chris likes to paint from photographs and then alter the light and composition to achieve more dramatic image. When he is not painting, he is a research pathologist in Boston. shaw jewelry and art exhibition view larger August 18–September 15
Barbara Heinrich: Contemporary Classic Jewelry Barbara’s recognizable style consists of distinctive visual vocabulary defined by the juxtaposition of matte and burnished surfaces. Modern aesthetics and innovative construction meet old world craftsmanship and seductive materials. She grew up in a vineyard in Germany. Jill Hoy: Figures and Fantasy We know Jill’s fabulous colorful Maine landscapes. But did you know about her magical and fanciful figurative environments? Stylized beauties engaged in trippy naratives . The characters are sensuous and full of personalities. They tell us an extraordinary story; and we are invited to join the fun. Duncan Martin: Park Centennial Paintings Duncan has painted 59 National Parks in 59 months. This show will highlight Acadia and the surrounding area. He lives in Colorado but has decades long roots on Deer Isle. His paintings are majestic and made on site in the wilderness.
view largerJuly 7–20
Heather Thayer: Recent Paintings Heather’s oil on panel paintings are contemplative, almost to the point of brooding. There is an air of uncertainty and expectation, the calm before the storm. Tension and apprehension permeate the works, without intruding, like a breath held before a verdict or a revelation. The scenes are local, but the atmosphere is otherworldly. Gifford Ewing: Black and White Field Photography Maine and Denver based photographer Gifford Ewing loves an image with contrast. With a nod to tradition, he uses a wooden Deardroff 5” x 7” camera and develops all his images with silver gelatin paper. Not digital. He is based in Sorrento, and loves his view towards MDI. Judith Kaufman: Jewelry with Surface and Detail Judith’s jewelry demands a closer look. She fabricates by assembling diminutive bits of multi colored golds, combined with eye-popping gemstones, They coalesce into objects of astonishing quiet beauty. She is passionate about the subtle richness of satin finishes, which highlight the variegated gold hues, and for mixed textures that give the work depth. maine art gallery exhibits view larger August 4–17
Sam Shaw: Inaugural Painting Show Sam spent the winter painting, his first foray into 2-Dimensional work. The imagery is figurative and is an extension of his porcelain baby doll sculptures. The stylized human forms reside on fantasy landscapes or Creation Myths. In some pieces, the figure and landscapes merge employing visual tricks intended to confuse the brain. Hughes-Bosca: Bountiful Rarity Good things need to be replayed, this is our 6th show. They fabricate 18 kt. jewelry using gemstones, colored diamonds, and artifacts from distant corners. It has weight, satin surface, quiet confidence, and un-restrained boldness. The soulful power of wearing this work will enhance your mood and presence. Come meet our dearest collaborators, Caro-Gray Bosca and Mary Hughes Thursday – Saturday. David Fratkin: Playing with Toys Images of familiar objects made not quite right. With a nod to James Ensor and Hans Bellmer, these assemblages recorded on a photocopier evoke a dreamlike attractive creepiness inherent in these abandoned toys. A weird vision ripe with gender tensions, aesthetic hierarchies, neuroses, and spiritualties. They will make you laugh or squirm. McTeigue Estate Jewelry A venerable New York based estate jewelry firm established in 1895 will be presenting fabulous jewels for three days only. Kate Fisher, born in Australia, and an expert for decades, will be exhibiting magnificent pieces that were in high fashion from before you were born.
Summer 2015
shaw jewelry exhibition jewelry and art exhibit in maine shaw jewelry
view largerJune 2–July 15
Fabulous Jewelers: Stones Treasures from out bountiful earth are centerpieces of seductive work by these talented jewelers. All Mount Desert Island, All Summer Long: Summer Day Our inaugural exhibit of 19 artists showing work of recognizable or local scenes and moods of our beautiful island paradise. Five moods, this of glorious Maine Days suitable for all outdoor activities. shaw jewelry summer shows view largerJuly 30–August 12
Hughes - Bosca Jewelry: Fantasia Review Biggest jewelry selection Thursday - Saturday only Without question these two jewelers are our most popular artists. With unrestrained vigor, their jewelry is bold, dramatic, substantial, inventive, precious, ancient, challenging and most of all, irresistible. Both artists will be present Thursday - Saturday. Fabulous Jewelers: Surface local Feature: Nisa Smiley Texture, patterns, mark of the tool are central aspects of the skin of gold and silver. How these jewelers choose to present the surface of their work is a consideration you will appreciate. All Mount Desert Island, All Summer Long: Dusk Lingering twilight in our Northern latitude suspends the light for measured pleasure. Everything looks better at this time of day. We are not quite ready to call it a day, not when it looks so beautiful. shaw jewelry and art exhibition view largeraugust 27–September 13
Fabulous Jewelers: Form There are many great things about metal, one of these its it’s ability to define form. Through volumetric curves, or implied through linear definition, shapes are built and assembled into organic jewelry. All Mount Desert Island, All Summer Long: Abstraction The reason why they are artists is because they see different. They help us discover things we may have overlooked. Through a lens of abstraction, hidden aspects and details are revealed.
view largerJuly 16–29
Introducing: Julie Vos July 16 - 18 only Big look without the big price. Classic, bold, elegant, refined, ancient, wearable, are all appropriate words to describe the aesthetic of Julie’s irresistible jewelry. Genuine stones set in NOT gold. This is summer jewelry at its best. The complete collection. Fabulous Jewelers: Imagery Jewelry with painted scenes, conceptual content, evocative elements make these wearable pieces desirable. All Mount Desert Island, All Summer Long: Quiet Gray Day We wake up, the day is enclosed in a veil of fog, not a breath of wind. The woods take on an ethereal beauty, the ocean a tomb of mystery. Our hair gets curly, we are in Maine. maine art gallery exhibits view largerAugust 13–August 26
Rebecca Myers Jewelry Introducing Rebecca, who will be present, whose jewelry is at once playful and serious. Her imagery comes from the natural world, blended in gold and oxidized silver, augmented by seductive gemstones. Fabulous Jewelers: Luxe Who doesn’t want luxury in a piece of jewelry? Merely putting anything on by these artists will enhance your mood. Make you feel elegant, ready to take on Cleopatra. Unleash your inner princess. All Mount Desert Island, All Summer Long: Vistas Standing atop one of our many peaks, at the edge of the sea, or from a front porch, the long distance views afforded from our island offer a variety of astonishing beauty.
Summer 2014
shaw jewelry exhibition jewelry and art exhibit in maine shaw jewelry
view largerJune 12–July 2
Heather Thayer:
Selections from Five Collections
Crisp details gleaned from our familiar environment take on a mystical and somewhat dark attitude as seen through the eyes of local artist Heather Thayer. This show represents the best from collections including Post and Pile, Annunciation, Road and Bird and others. Come see what you are not seeing. shaw jewelry summer shows view largerJuly 17–30
Opening Reception
Thursday, July 17 • 5-7pm
Manimal: Human/Animal MorphingIf humans share 98% of a mouse’s genes, why would we be surprised if minotaurs and mermaids exist? These artists create hybrids which are insightful, personal and humorous. The illusion of cross breeding, shamanistic or theatrical costuming blend, combine and merge distinct animal and human attributes into unexpected creatures.Nancy Andrews Fran Forman Justin Richel Hughes-Bosca ExtravaganzaThe largest exhibit will be July 17–21 This powerful and familiar duo of Boston-based jewelers makes some of the most inventive and original jewelry I am aware of. They will bring a trunk full of 18 kt. bold jewelry with unusual gemstones, antiquities, luscious pearls, and incredible attitude. shaw jewelry and art exhibition view largerAugust 14–September 10
Opening Reception
Thursday, August 14 • 5-7pm
The Figure AbstractedHow far can one push the shape of the human form and still have it be recognizable? Quite far, as these artists demonstrate. Limbs in the wrong place, bodies stretched, but we know who it is. It is us.Eliot Brown Salvador Dali Rollin Leonard
Elisabeth Sunday Michael Wilson
Nelson Rarities Estate JewelryAugust 14, 15, and 16 ONLY (Thursday–Saturday) Our eighteenth year of presenting extremely wonderful, high quality estate jewelry from one of the world’s leading estate jewelry dealers. They have diamond deco bracelets, Edwardian solitaires, and 1940s gem brooches.
view largerJuly 3–16
Opening Reception
Thursday, July 3 • 5-7pm
The Figure in WaterIt is said that we are mostly water. Perhaps that is why these artists place humans in water as a fundamental aspect of their aesthetic. Or perhaps it is the reflections and the way light interacts with the water as it hits bodies. The effect is captivating and sensuous.Sharon Arnold Jessica Ives Karin Rosenthal
Michael Seif Rob Sullivan
Petra Class: Precious Blue,
Kind of Blue, and Mood Indigo
One of my favorite jewelers who has had a decades-long career of honing her technique and aesthetic. She “paints” with gemstones, and in this collection, predominantly the blues of lapis lazuli, opal and sapphire. She loves rhythmical arrangements of several elements and repetition of similar forms or colors, set in high-karat gold with a minimalist’s touch. 3-D Printed ObjectsThe complexity of objects created by 3-dimensional printers is astonishing. Many are mathematic equations made flesh, others are merely captivating and seemingly impossible. It’s a brave new world...jump in. maine art gallery exhibits view largerJuly 31–August 13
Opening Reception
Thursday, July 31 • 5-7pm
Sam Shaw: Co-joined and TransmogrifiedThis is the third year of Sam’s exploration of rearranging our familiar body parts into beings not quite right. Most have the requisite arms and legs, but many seem to have a few extra parts, or parts in the wrong place. Fabricated from porcelain dolls, where the original intention of the doll makers walks over to the wild side. Chain Gang Mostly linked necklaces and bracelets, but an eye-popping variety of materials and ideas of sequential links. This gang of artists makes sensuous, flexible jewelry that drapes and flows.Kate Furman Julia Lowther Catharine Merkel
Monique Rancourt Biba Schutz
maine artists exhibit view largerSeptember 11–October 15
Opening Reception
Thursday, September 11 • 5-7pm
The Figure Straight UpThe figure presented as an object in itself. These talented painters and photographers romance the body and place it on a pedestal for our delight and enjoyment.Olena Babak Sjoerd Doting Judy Taylor David Valle
Summer 2013
shaw jewelry exhibition maine art exhibition
view larger
June 13–July 4
Sarah Speare: Faces Found in the FamiliarNot everyone can coax faces out of the natural world, but Sarah fi nds them peering out from the most unlikely places, where she captures them digitally.
July 5–17
Adele Seronde: An Investigation in Books and PaintingsAdele has been making art for eight decades and was one of the founders of our beloved Wingspread Gallery. Come celebrate the recent work of this artistic pioneer and indomitable spirit.
Beading: Threading the Needle Between Ancient and ModernBeaded jewelry has been made since ancient times. We have collected virtuoso modern pieces that show innovative forms derived from historic techniques.ASHKA DYMEL ELIZABETH FARBER Thea Fine
JACQUELINE JOHNSON Kathy King Susan kinzig
maine jewelry and art show shaw jewelry gallery art exhibit
view larger
July 18–31
Ethereal Studies of the UnseenNon-objective watercolors and drawings give insights into mysterious, imagined landscapes. If one could see the invisible, might it look like this? The strength of these artists is in their restraint and subtlety.LAURA ELLIS CLINT FULKERSON NANCY MCCORMICK
Spiral Form JewelryThe spiral form is potent and recurring throughout nature. It is the essence of infi nity. It evokes limitless power, compassion and knowledge. It is complex and perfect. These jewelers work the intersection between beauty and mathematic purity.SUSAN CHIN SHANA KROINZ CHRISTY KLUG TERRI LOGAN
jewelry and fine art in maine gallery in northeast harbor maine
view larger
August 1–14
Blue Green: The Colors of Our Planet These are the predominate colors of our beautiful planet when viewed from space. Is it any wonder that we love this combination? Emeralds, aquamarines, tourmalines, enamel, and a variety of stones pay homage to the most pleasing end of the spectrum.WHITNEY ABRAMS KAT COLE Dell Fox
Body Parts Reconfigured:
Recent Work by Sam Shaw
This is Sam’s second year of investigation of the human form while spending the winter in New Orleans. The recombined vintage and modern porcelain doll parts are at once familiar, impossible, disturbing, comic, and a little bit naughty.
mount desert island jewelers and artists exhibit of jewelry and art MDI Northeast harbor maine
view larger

August 15–September 18
Maine College of Art Alumni ExhibitionFive outstanding artists from Maine College of Art keep Maine’s artistic legacy vibrant and compelling with a range of styles and techniques.CONNIE HAYES MARGARET LAWRENCE MARK MARCHESI

3D Printed Jewelry Not virtual, but not exactly handmade either. Designed on the computer, the product is exported to a 3D printer where concept is transformed to reality in nylon-based polymer or metal. The forms and details are fresh and Rindlercurious.MARIA EIFE JOSHUA DEMONTE SUSAN SANDERS
Nervous System

Nelson Rarities Estate JewelryAugust 15–17 ONLY (Thursday–Saturday) Our seventeenth year of presenting extremely wonderful, high quality estate jewelry from one of the world’s leading estate jewelry dealers. They have diamond deco bracelets, Edwardian solitaires, and 1940s gem brooches.

September 12–October 23Jim Nickelson Photography

Summer 2012
shaw contemporary jewlery gallery exhibit maine artists and jewelers
view larger
June 14–July 4
Diana Young and Kayo BregyVibrant regional paintings with a Modernist sense.
July 5–18
For the Love of Boats Photographs and paintings that convey the inherent familiar beauty and mystical essence of what it means to live in an island community.Heather Thayer Mike Rindler Michael Kahn Linda Wolcott
Jewelry from the Animal KingdomLong a subject for jewelers and artists, the allure of the animal kingdom is irresistible due the kinship and appeal of our animal friends.Lisa and Scott Cylinder Christina Goodman
Felieke van der Leest Gabrielle Goodman
Manya and Roumen Mi-Sook Hur Julia Groos
northeast harbor art exhibitiongalleries in maine
view larger
July 19–August 1
Body Parts Reconfigured:
Recent Work by Sam Shaw
During a jewelry-making hiatus in New Orleans, Sam indulged in a manic new direction of abstracting the human form by recombining 19th-century porcelain doll parts into slightly disturbing and marginally perverse figurines.
Figurative JewelryRepresentation of the human form is one of the oldest and most recurring themes in art. It is underrepresented in the jewelry world, but these artists offer a fresh and distinctive perspective. Carolyn Morris Bach Arthur Hash Sam Shaw
Tom Mann Mary Hallam Pearse Laurie Leonard
Emily Watson
maine art gallery handmade contemporary jewelry
view larger
August 2–15 Tidal: waters from New York to MaineThis exhibition from a collective of artists illustrates the qualities of water in an ever-changing environment. All four artists, living in Maine and New York City, produce their art with a unique sensitivity to the natural world. Their work has been an ongoing exploration of nature in a variety of media and styles.Nancy Manter Avy Claire adele ursonE Barbara andrus
hughes-bosca extravaganzaAstonishingly bold and sumptuous jewelry that is known for inventive use of unusual gemstones and antiquities set in exuberant 18k gold and oxidized sterling. You will be wowed by the work of Mary Hughes and Caro-Gray Bosca.
maine beachstone jewelry gold gemstone beachstone jewelry in maine
view larger
August 16–September 12
figurative landscapesFigures seen through the voyeuristic eyes of the artist as they appear connected to their setting in the landscape. Chris French Matthew Barter Aaron Mitchell
Diana Young
Nelson Rarities Estate JewelryAugust 16–18 ONLY (Thursday–Saturday) Our seventeenth year of presenting extremely wonderful, high quality estate jewelry from one of the world’s leading estate jewelry dealers. They have diamond deco bracelets, Edwardian solitaires, and 1940s gem brooches.
September 13–October 31
Surrealistic InteriorsDigital montage images by Blue Hill artist Jeff Becton are dreamlike as they bend and distort reality.
Summer 2011
maine artists exhibition jewelry and art in northeast harbor maine mount desert island art exhibition gold beachstone gemstone silver jewelry exhibit maine artists and jewelers contemporary jewelry mdi artists and jewelers in maine sam shaw jewelry gallery
view larger
June 16–July 6
Real Maine Revealed Two of my favorite artists who have shown with us before and who are well represented in my personal collection. Both have painted Maine for decades and have distinctive, original and compelling visions of our magnificent state.Phil Barter William Irvine

July 7–20
RingsEARRINGS Some of our favorite jewelers present rings and earrings to delight you. One can never have too many of these fundamental jewelry items. These are not necessarily intended to be worn together, but are a dizzyingly exciting, splendiferous collection of the fabulous. Jessica Fields Melle Finelli Barbara Heinrich
Susan Hoge
Atelier Janiye Todd Pownell Rebecca Straus
Three FriendsThese three artists have been in each other’s orbit for many decades. Despite their work being completely different, it is a special relationship in which everyone benefits.Nancy McCormick Philip Heckscher Casey Mallinckrodt

July 21–August 3
ipad paintingsThese artists use an iPad as their palette and brush as they create original paintings electronically. They are then laser printed. You may have seen an example of this new painting medium on the cover of the New Yorker magazine. Now come to see it in the flesh. John Bavaro Corliss Blakely Rita Flores
David Scott Liebowitz Douglas Wittnebel SetsOccasionally one finds a worn velvet box with a beautiful necklace, bracelet, earrings and ring–a complete ensemble of estate jewelry. This exhibition presents jewelers who have also created a story, an aesthetic, or an idea through a collection of similar pieces. See how this concept is expressed through different types of jewelry. Susan Beallor Susan Chin Jennifer Dawes JEANNETTE FOSSAS
Terri Logan So Young Park Sarah Richardson
Genevieve Yang
David and Roberta williaMson
August 4–17
Kind of BlueAre you thinking of Miles Davis’ seminal album, or… aquamarine, azure, cobalt, icy, cornflower, midnight, light, navy, baby, turquoise, ultramarine, indigo, sky, caribbean or Duke University? This show is jewelers who love the blue palette. And blue looks good on almost everyone. Whitney Abrams Petra Class Devta Doolan
Joanna Gollberg
Hughes-Bosca Emma Villedrouin
Jeff and Susan Wise
Natasha Wozniak Peninsula PaintersThere is awesome talent right around the corner on the Blue Hill Peninsula, way more than is possible to present here. These are some of my favorites. Mary Barnes Lydia Cassatt Heidi Daub

August 18–September 14
Methematic PurityProportions, symmetry, order, and repetition are on one level mathematic terms. can these concepts be applied to jewelry? These jewelers blend art and math into objects of beauty. Seung-hea Lee Hong Sock Lee Patrica Madeja
Liaung-chung Yen
Emily Watson Science Art IntersectionImages from the laboratory are not typically generated for their aesthetic appeal. However there is an undeniable beauty in our physical world as it presents itself in our subatomic landscapes or peering through the cosmos. These are ScientistArtists. Imagine the real, see the unseen, MicroMacro on paper. Felicia Denton Stefan Elliott Fran Forman John Guthrie Nelson Rarities Estate JewelryAugust 18–20 (Three Days Only) Our sixteenth year of presenting extremely wonderful, high quality estate jewelry from one of the world’s leading estate jewelry dealers. They have diamond deco bracelets, Edwardian solitaires, and 1940s gem brooches.
September 15–October 31
Freshness in Fall
June/July 2010
estate jewelry maine baechstone gold gemstone jewelry sam shaw jewelry exhibition sam shaw beachstone jewelry maine art and jewelry gallery handmade jewelry maine art gallery
view larger
June 17 Night Painting Paintings and photographs of our world at night. Lois Dodd Jeff Epstein Fred Kellog Heather Thayer
Ed Heins Jean Liberte Charles Woodbury Kevin Beers

July 1 Rings: Circle ’Round Your Finger The most potent of jewelry objects in a dizzying array by talented artists, each with a different concept of how to adorn our digits. Petra Class Lisa Crowder Joanna Goldberg Dahlia Kanner Ayesha Mayadas Manya & Rouman Julie Shaw Biba Shutz
Beth Solomon
Talya Baharal Donna Veverka Liaung Yen

July 8 Human Form Artists honoring and glorifying the sensuous forms of the human body in painting, drawing and photography.Jack Ledbetter Michael Seif Robert Shetterly Ted Davis
Karin Rosenthal Robert Neuman Alex Minewski
July 15 Korean Jewelers In my travels around to various shows, I have found that many of the artists whose work I absolutely love are of Korean descent. Perhaps it is their education or cultural perspective, I do not know. I do know that this collection is refreshing, challenging, flawless. Youn Joo Kim Hongsook Lee Jimin Park So Young Park
Myung Urso Kiwon Wang

July 22 Double Vision Two artists with similar conceptual motivations working in different media. Both offer a play of reflection and translucency. Both play with perspective planes, double exposure and complex, overlapping visual and contextual imagery. Jeff Carpenter Karin Rosenthal
July/August 2010
samuel shaw jewelry maine galleries art exhibits in maine maine art and jewelry jewelry designer and artists in northeast harbor maine beachstone jewelry fine art gallery exhibition contemporary jewelry gallery
view larger
July 29 oro y negro The inky black of a natural black diamond or patinated surface absorbs light. The luminous depth of gold explodes with light. The two together make for visually compelling pieces. Susan Chin Constance Gildea Hughes/Bosca
Biba Schutz Sydney Lynch Todd Pownell
Suzanne Linquist
Jaclyn Davidson

August 5 Nature vs. industry From abandoned steel mills and functioning paper mills to details of precision machinery, the forms designed to function are revealed from an aesthetic viewpoint and paired with what we often find pleasing in pastoral landscapes.Dennis Pinette Robert Solotaire surprise guests
August 5-7 Alex sepkus(Three days only) Our third year of mysterious and meticulous gold work. Made in New York, but reflective of the past
August 19 A conversation in paintRobert Shetterly and Gail Page are artists who live together and paint together, both with their individual style, voice and aesthetic. In this show, they make a sequence of paintings as in a dialog. Robert Shetterly Gail Page

August 19-21
Nelson Rarities Estate Jewelry(Three days only) Our fifteenth year of presenting extremely wonderful, high quality estate jewelry from one of the world’s leading estate jewelry dealers. They have diamond deco bracelets, Edwardian solitaires and 1940s gem brooches.
summer 2009

July 9–22

Portrait/self Portrait

Up close and personal


view larger

July 23–
August 5

Carolyn Morris Bach

Digital Collage

Estate Jewelry
from New Orleans

view larger



August 6–19

Maharaja Jewels

Maine Modernism/
Fifties Revisited

Vintage Photography
and Techniques

view larger


August 20–
September 9

What to Do with Money

Robert S. Neuman:
Works on Paper

Nelson Rarities
Estate Jewelry

view larger

summer 2008

July 3–16

Set in Concrete

Artists’ Notebooks

Water/Light Interface

view larger

July 17–30

Anti-War Medals


Estate Jewelry
from New Orleans

view larger



July 31–
August 13

Pop Culture Collision

Bay Area Jewelers

Thom Heyer
and Bill Jordan

view larger


August 14–
September 3

Alex Sepkus

Nelson Rarities
Estate Jewelry

Eric Hopkins

view larger

summer 2007

July 5–18

Roy G. Biv

Heather Thayer:
Post and Pile

Champagne Uncorked

view larger

July 19–
August 1

body parts

The Human Form

Estate Jewelry
from New Orleans

view larger



August 2–15

Sticks and Stones

Thomas Blagden

view larger


August 16– September 12

Nelson Rarities
Estate Jewelry

Jack Gescheidt:
The Tree Project

Hannah Shaw:
In Rare Form

view larger

summer 2006

July 6–19

Inner Space/
Outer Space: Jewelry

Everyday Objects

view larger

July 20–
August 2

Black and Gold

Wellington & Company
Estate Jewelry

Peter Ralston:
Sightings and Beyond

view larger


August 3–16

Jewelry with Words

Artist Made Books

Paintings with Words

view larger


August 17–
September 13


Nelson Rarities
Estate Jewelry

Judith Larsen:
Layered Photographic Imagery

view larger

summer 2005

July 7–20

spiral Forms

Study of Squares

view larger

July 21–
August 3

Beachstone Dispersal

Monhegan Painters

Alex Sepkus

view larger


August 4–17

200 Rings

Windows to the Past

view larger


August 18–31

Black Diamonds

Nelson Rarities
Estate Jewelry

view larger

summer 2004

July 8–21

Modernist Jewelry

The Naked Form

Erotica in Jewelry

view larger


July 22–August 4

Fresh Air from Korea

A Sense of Place:
Peabody, Markell and Pogany

Vintage Watches

view larger


August 5–18

First Light: Tom Blagden

The Blue and Green Palette

Beadwork Jewelry

view larger


August 19–September 16

Vessel Forms in Jewelry

Nelson Rarities Estate Jewelry

Yawls, Sloops, Schooners and Dories

view larger

summer 2003

July 10–23

Jewels from the Garden

The Art of Time

Gifford Ewing and Kim Weston

view larger


July 24–August 6

Working the Surface: Texture in Jewelry

Three Views of Mount Desert Island:
Realism, Interpretive and Abstract

Artist Made Books

view larger


August 7–20

Not Your Typical Diamonds

Bill Irvine

Kept in Chains

view larger


August 21–September 17

Volume and Space:
A New Dimension for Jewelry

Nelson Rarities Fine Estate Jewelry

Carl Gordon Cutler

view larger

summer 2002

July 11–24

Fe Au C

Mikio Wanatabe

Fetishes and Talismans

view larger


July 25–August 7


Maine Painting, Circa 1950–1959

Artist made Books

view larger


August 8–21

The Luscious Pearl

Ben Lincoln and Claire Neves


view larger


August 22–September 12

RISD on the Road


Nelson Rarities

view larger

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