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GUARANTEE My jewelry has a lifetime guarantee. The jewelry is intended to last for generations. Any breakage is repaired at no charge.

RETURN POLICY Any jewelry purchased from the store or through this website can be returned for 100% refund within 30 days of purchase. After 30 days, we are happy to offer a credit from the Northeast Harbor store or through the website.

ADJUSTMENTS We are able and willing to make any necessary adjustments to personalize your piece of jewelry. This is done at no charge for newly purchased pieces. Typical adjustments include ring sizing, clip to pierce or vice versa, shortening or lengthening chains and bracelets.

CUSTOM WORK Shaw Jewelry delights in creating unique and personal work for our valued clients. We can use one of our designs as a point of departure or work to realize your design vision. We often are called upon to reinterpret old family pieces, making the piece more contemporary while maintaining the value.

A NOTE ABOUT BEACHSTONES Sam Shaw is best known for his trademark natural beachstone jewelry. The stones are all wave tumbled and are not machine polished or shaped. The perfect symmetry and surface smoothness make these pebbles a pleasure to wear and to touch. The satin finish improves with wear and they are virtually indestructible. Most stones are black (basalts) and granites (speckled). The colors range from light gray to black, other stones are brown, red and green.

ABOUT OUR JEWELRY The items in our online catalog are just a sampling of what we might have, and we cannot guarantee that all pieces shown are available all the time. Some pieces are one of a kind, and making a similar one may take time. Additionally, these are special works of imagination and skill. They are not for everyone, and it may be important for you to call or email us so we can more thoroughly satisfy your needs. We would like to be sure you receive the very best of what we have to offer. New pieces are always being made which are not yet on the site and we would like to tell you about these, too.


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SHAW CONTEMPORARY JEWELRY is located in Northeast Harbor, Maine, on beautiful Mount Desert Island. Samuel Shaw invites you to visit his gallery, featuring his works and those of other artists from around the country. The gallery is open daily from 10am until 5pm, and until 7apm (EST) in the summer.




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