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BORN 1954, Albany, New York

BS Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY  

BS Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY

MFA Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI
            Jewelry and Light Metals

Shaw was inspired by the dramatic and sensual landforms in the American West which prompted him to declare a geology major in college. During these studies, a consistent interest in Art propelled him to the sculpture studio where he received a second degree in Art. Visiting the Alexander Calder retrospective at the Whitney Museum in 1976, convinced him that a life of Art was his calling.

Shaw moves to Southwest Harbor, Maine, in 1976 to live in the landscape he loved as a youth. He works in a local jewelry store and boatyards developing his skills. Makes a yearlong trek around the world, visiting remote and exotic nations. Visits all 50 states.


Enters Rhode Island School of Design as graduate student in Jewelry Light Metals under Louis Mueller, and Robin Quigley. Opens small gallery in Northeast Harbor after dissatisfaction with Craft Show circuit.  Initial body of work is kinetic, linear and playful. In mid-80s, starts using natural beach stones. Also using fossils and gemstones with appreciation to geology days. Exhibits widely at galleries and museums. Has many professional affiliations in local and national communities.

Marries Jane Tawney, and produces two daughters, Hannah and Lucy.


Development of store/gallery. It is a venue for Shaw to present his own work, as well as that of his friends and peers. Hires jewelers to fulfill his designs. Gallery expands and becomes more successful. Gallery shows become more prestigious.

Shaw’s jewelry becomes focused on landscape issues. Using natural unpolished beachstones to explore the nature of the land about us. Issues of precious and non precious become central in much of his work. There is much use of contrast and juxtaposition of seemingly opposite elements.

Shaw develops Twig Collection which replaces beachstones as primary jewelry grouping. Gallery hits its stride and is enlarged. Exhibitions of jewelry and painting become more adventuresome and theme based. Five full time jewelers in studio increase production and work is exhibited widely. Refinement of website. Development of Maharaja jewelry collection and website. Sam is divorced and spends winter in different cities.


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